Losing weight riding my bicycle while enjoying the view

The last time I rode my bicycle for touring was back when I was in my early teens. I was young and fit then and didn't have problems catching my breath. Recently I started riding again in hope to lose some weight. I have been riding for several months now but with minimal weight loss only. Maybe I'm not that determined to lose weight seriously or maybe I just need to pedal more kilometers??? Or maybe I should stop raiding my refrigerator...

I always want to ride motorcycle every Sunday but recently this bicycle keeps me from wanting to ride motorbikes nor cars. It saves me fuel money but I may have to buy new batteries for my truck and bikes if this goes on :)

The main reason why I ride now is not to lose some kgs. (I wish...) but to see the awesome view around our beautiful city Kyoto. Let me share with you the beauties of Kyoto through the lens of my iPhone's camera... LOL :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

my sons bicycle

This is my son's DIY bicycle that he assembled from 6 junk bicycles. His collections are 2 unicycles, 1 BTR, 1 granny bicycle, 1 Trials motorcycle, 1 dirtbike, lots of junk parts plus this DIY super heavy fake MTB w/c he loves riding around because he said that its good for training his legs??? I wont last 20 kms. riding his barbel bicycle... 5 times the weight compared to my bike. He also has been doing jack knives and wheelies on this bicycle that he has to change the wheels twice because the rims got fcked.

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